About me







If we're going to work together then you need to know a few things..........

I am a massive tea snob.  I mean, I LOVE tea, but it has to be made correctly - that means that the milk is added last.  I LOVE dogs...all shapes and sizes - I have three of my own and one of them only has one ear. I LOVE living in Sussex.  I share a house with my big family but love to escape for a walk (with the dogs obviously) on The Downs or to the beach. I can do the Macarena, The Floss and I believe I can breakdance...but my kids tell me differently.

I pride myself on my high standards, my organisation and my attention to detail. I can also do mean gorilla and dove impressions should you ever wish to hear them.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Special Event Planning and Design and have worked within the Drama and Theatre Industry for 20 years, so I really know how to put on a great show!

Looking forward to chatting soon,